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A guide to Yarra River beats

A Guide to the Yarra River’s Beats by Sam Wallman. Sam Wallman is a Melbourne-based cartoonist. He has published four books of drawings, in which he captures the ridiculous, the visceral and the personal aspects of politics and society. His latest book  is entitled Pen Erases Paper. View more of Sam’s artworks at his website:

Guest blogger Abby Corson comments on controversial Australian beauty pageants and the dangers of sexualising children, both for the girls on show and society at large. Fake tan. Spider eyelashes. Push-up bras. Acrylic nails. No, I’m not describing a night out in Hollywood. Disturbingly, these are all common attributes of the underage entrants of the …

OU WOULDN’T BE ALONE in feeling frustrated, isolated, devalued and depressed if you were suddenly labelled “asexual” at your next birthday. Millions of older Australians feel the same way when they’re suddenly assumed to be asexual at their 65th birthday. But research shows that older people are sexual and that sexual expression is important for …

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