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Archer ​mainly prints photography, though we do occasionally incorporate mixed media, illustration, painting and film stills, on sexuality, gender and identity from a diverse range of artists from all levels of experience.

For information about writing for Archer, visit this page.

We encourage expressions of interest year-round. If you’d like to shoot for Archer or submit existing work, send us a bio that includes your interests and the kind of work you do, with a direct link to your updated online portfolio. Please ensure your portfolio is easy to navigate, this makes the submission review process much easier.

​If you’d like to pitch an original photographic concept to us that we may consider for our print edition, we require a detailed write-up of what you’d like to do and why. Please also include visual samples of your concept (this can include mood boards, brainstorm collage, test images). Your submission will not be accepted without these requirements.

  • Images that:
    • Tell a story (your story, the subject’s story, or both)
    • Showcase variety of body type, ethnicity, race, gender and sexual identity
    • Educate on or explore universal and personal concepts
    • Capture a point in time and culture, in an eye-catching and sincere manner
    • Are shot with respectful and insightful intention
    • Provide a fresh perspective and a uniquely visual and personable aesthetic
    • Are high-quality and print-ready
  • Images of minority groups created by someone outside that minority group (unless you can provide proof of reliable sources within that minority group that granted you permission)
  • Images that appear pornographic in nature
  • Stereotyping, caricaturing
  • Highly conceptual visuals that require artist’s statements
  • Gratuitous sexual content or explicitly shot nudity
  • ​Images must be high quality and larger than ‘thumbnail’ size to view on your portfolio
  • Images MUST have model release forms signed and dated by the subject, particularly where nudity is involved
  • You must be willing to sign and date a simple contract with us that clearly outlines what you’ve provided us, and how your image will be used (if chosen) for Archer Magazine PRIOR to the print date
  • We pay $50AUD per single image and $150AUD per image essay (8-10 images in a series) payable after the image has been published in print
  • We pay $50 – $100 per image essay published online; the amount will vary depending on the number of images used and the nature of the work, to be discussed with our online editors
  • We reserve the right to publish, edit or reject any piece that is submitted to us. If accepted for print, we will notify you well before the print date of your acceptance
  • READ ARCHER MAGAZINE – we ONLY consider submissions​ from ​photographers that are familiar with our content, both print and online
  • Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Has this topic been covered before?
    • Am I the right person to ​photograph this content?
    • Will my ​image(s) offend, alienate or defame any individual or group?

Send an email to ​ with:

  • A brief bio including interests and work description
  • A link to your updated online portfolio
  • Your pitch, including visual samples of your concept (mood boards, test images, etc)

If your submission is successful, our ​image curator ​will walk you through the submission process, including​ image specs, contracts etc. ​

Missing deadlines may result in your piece being rejected. We rely on punctual submissions to keep the website​ and magazine​ fresh, and we don’t have time to chase you up.

Please allow up to two weeks for a response to your email. Archer staff are volunteer, so our hours may be haphazard. We will get back to you.


How do I submit photography/art?

Click on ‘Submit to Archer’ on our official website, scroll down to the Photography section and read our guidelines. Submissions will not be considered by our image editor unless the requirements listed are in your initial expression of interest email.

How long does the submission process take?

After you’ve sent your submission, please allow up to two weeks for a response. Our image editor will message you directly about whether your work will be considered for our print edition. If your image or series is selected for our print edition, our image editor will contact you requesting high resolution digital files with specifications for publication in print. This process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on Archer’s publishing schedule and layout deadlines.

I’m interested in shooting original work for Archer, what do I do?

If you are interested in shooting original images for Archer Magazine, please send us either a pitch with samples of your work and a detailed description of the kinds of subjects and subject matters you like to photograph. This gives us an idea of the assignments we might be able to send you on. If we decide to commission you to photograph for Archer, you will be given a deadline by an image editor for the assignment, as well as a deadline for providing a selection of semi-final image options to us, and finally providing the selected high resolution, fully edited photograph(s) for print.

The entire process may take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on Archer’s publishing cycle, and the time constraints of you and your editor as well as the subjects you’ll be photographing. Your patience is appreciated.

Will I be credited in Archer?

Absolutely. Every image contributor is clearly credited by name in our print edition. We do not include model credits, websites, social media links etc. as this is not consistent with our style guide.

Can I choose what final images of mine are featured in Archer?

The editorial team decides whether an artwork or photograph runs in Archer Magazine. A photograph may be withdrawn from the issue at any time during the editing and layout process. If your image is withdrawn, your editor will contact you to let you know why.

Our image editor makes all final image selections from both assignments, image essays and previously shot work. You will be contacted well before we go to print as to what our final selections were. We encourage feedback, collaboration and communication at all times. Please contact our image editor if you’re unsure about the images chosen to go to print well before the print date. Open dialogue is key between Archer and our generous contributors.

Will you edit or alter my image(s)?

In most cases, we do not edit images or artwork. However, due to page size constraints and various layout aesthetics there is a chance minor cropping may occur. If your image is edited in any way that includes altering colour, extreme cropping, or obvious style adjustment, our image editor will contact you directly with a sample of how we’d like to alter the image and will not print it unless approved by you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

YES. All photographers MUST sign a contract well before Archer Magazine goes to print. This is imperative. Our image editor will send you a contract to sign and date which you may send back digitally. In order to be featured in Archer Magazine you must send the contract back prior to our print deadline.

Do I have to provide model release forms?

It is the responsibility of the photographer to have all necessary written consent forms for the subject(s) pictured, particularly if there is nudity of any kind. Archer does not take responsibility for any legal issues that may occur before or after your image(s) goes to print, should you not have the correct paperwork in your possession. Note that you may be asked if you have model release forms by our image editor, especially if there is nudity pictured.

Can I see the final layout of an article with my image or image essay before publication?

The editing process at Archer Magazine is highly collaborative – one of our team members will send you the final layout featuring your work prior to publication. We value input from our visual contributors, however, by agreeing to submit your work to Archer Magazine, you hand over responsibility to the editorial team to publish your images in a manner that is consistent with Archer’s mission statement, values and identity.

What if I want to withdraw my image?

If at any stage you wish to withdraw your image(s) from publication, we ask that you provide at least two weeks notice before the print date. After the final layout has been submitted, the magazine will be in pre-press, and can not be altered. Please keep this in mind during the submission process.

When and how do I get paid?

Archer proudly pays all of our contributors. Your payment will be discussed early in the submission process with our image editor. Payments are processed via online banking or PayPal and strictly paid in Australian dollars, one month after the new issue of Archer Magazine goes to print. We do not process payments any earlier. In order to be paid you are required to provide an invoice with your business number, home address, banking details, full name, date and amount in AUD dollars. If any of this information is missing or we do not receive an invoice we cannot pay you until this is corrected.

Photographers sent on Archer-specific assignments will be paid within two weeks after the final high resolution images are provided to our image editor. The same invoicing process applies to assignments.

Can I get a hard copy of the magazine?

Archer provides each image contributor one copy of the magazine sent to you by mail one month after the print date. You must provide a clear home or business address in your invoice or contract so that we can send you a copy. We are not responsible for any damage the magazine may incur during postage.

If you’d like to own additional copies, you may purchase them online in the shop section of our website. We ship internationally.

Need to ask a question? Contact our image team on with your queries.

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