I was leaning heavily on Tori Amos, yet I was misinterpreting the lyrics to affirm poisonous narratives this man was whispering in my ear.

This is what makes purity culture social media influencers so unique; their ideologies are bound in digital currencies – not physical ones.

I recently moved into my new physical home and my new spiritual one. This new home is one of acceptance – not only from others, but of myself.

LARP is more than just a bunch of nerds chasing each other across a field; it serves as a wonderful safe space to explore your identity through characterisation.

We need employers to make workplaces genuinely safe, warm, and welcoming for all.

It’s our new monthly queer film review! Strap on for fave oldies and new baby dyke films on the scene. We start with Better Than Chocolate.

We might recognise this as compulsory heterosexuality. I knew it was not exactly what was expected of me, to be warm in the hush of her bed.

For Non-Binary People’s Day, we wanted to round up some of the pieces from over the years by the non-binary writers in our Archer community.

The Batik Series: Q&A with Daniel Adams

The way the Batik is tied onto each individual is rooted in tradition, like what you may see in the villages of Malaysia.

I had ideas that liberation was possible, but I never felt truly comfortable with my body until I started taking pictures of other fat bodies.

My characters are genderless, stunning creatures. They are not afraid to talk about what really needs to be talked about.

My black hair is proof. It’s an emblem in the same way that I have a shaved undercut on the sides of my head to signal and show my queerness.

Queerplatonic relationships offer a framework for bending the rules of traditional heteronormative and amatonormative relationships.

I don’t need labels to remind me of that, or to tell others who I am. Don’t stick one on me. It will slide right off.

I imagined the spirit of a motel in that area at that time – something a little bit unsanitary, poorly lit and certainly not very expensive.

I quickly begin to desperately miss my body hair, now seeing it for its truth –  it has been my armour. It has shaped and corseted my frame.

It became apparent why the way women’s sport is participated in and played resonates so deeply with me: it is so critically important.

We are excited to announce Archer Magazine issue #17: the HOME issue!

I follow a very systematic process for creating my work. The story of Camo all begins with the fabric.

I thought I was going to repair the picket fence, but it turns out I was repairing myself.

Gender Euphoria didn’t just connect us with the audience – it allowed people to connect to their own self.

This envy is often what I feel for people who possess a kind of a queer competence and sophistication that I feel I do not.

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