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Gender Euphoria didn’t just connect us with the audience – it allowed people to connect to their own self.

This envy is often what I feel for people who possess a kind of a queer competence and sophistication that I feel I do not.

Queer spaces are necessary globally, not just in Tasmania. Loud, proud, beautiful queer spaces.

“Nothing about gender identity is fixed,” Ohlert writes. “Its development is often a fluid process, changing throughout a lifetime.

Weight and masculinity

It made me hate being a boy. Not because I didn’t want to be one, but because the world around me was letting me know I was doing a bad job at trying.

I feel like the non-binary gaze is so different. It is fluid and it understands. I hope that people feel not alone with my work.

Seeing objects from my life in a museum does not make me feel old. It makes me feel valued. Queer feminist history matters. My story matters.  

An array of sexual orientations and gender identities exist in traditional Navajo culture, including a third gender known as nádleeh. This non-binary concept of gender existed in many indigenous cultures across the United States.

There’s no immediate salve for the lingering loneliness, the hard-earned loneliness, the ping-ponging loneliness that’s always served back.

The countdown is on to the official launch of PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022 and to Archer’s panel on queer aesthetics and self expression!

Today, self-love has become too closely aligned with – even indistinguishable from modernist capitalist culture. It has turned self-empowerment into something with a price tag.

Dave Swindells has been photographing London’s nightlife since the early 1980s, showcasing the brilliant diversity of the club scene and its larger-than-life cast of characters.

People don’t talk about miscarriage. Despite one in five pregnancies ending in miscarriage, we’d never seen anybody mourn one.

To my knowledge there has never been another drag queen to compete in a bodybuilding competition while in drag.

The way I moved my body was the one thing I could control in a world that confused and bewildered me constantly.

Art psychotherapy offers us the opportunity to amplify the voices of our bodies, through which we experience our queerness and our erotic.

Here’s a top 10 list of our editors’ picks for 2021, celebrating some of the incredible articles written by our contributors.

We know that transgender people, allies, and those with anti-trans views can all play a role in the TERF wars.

I can see now, looking back, that much of this was the result of me internalising the cultural, default setting of ableism.

Sex is a big part of non-monogamy, sure, but it’s not the only part. Connection can be so much more than physical.

As we celebrate our newly launched DISABILITIES issue, we’re also taking the opportunity to look back on all of the brilliant pieces we’ve published this year. This was my first year as Archer Magazine’s Deputy Online Editor. As a long-time Archer volunteer and hanger-arounder of founder Amy Middleton, I was absolutely thrilled to come aboard. …

Play a high-G note on a piano and take a look around the room; you’ll see who the former emos are almost immediately. My Chemical Romance defined ‘emo’ as we know it. Prior to their astronomic rise in popularity, emo was loosely applied to almost any music that played on commercial radio or sat under …

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