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Gender Euphoria didn’t just connect us with the audience – it allowed people to connect to their own self.

The first time I discovered period sex, it was impromptu and with someone I loved. I was really aroused by the idea of it.

As I sat in the hospital courtyard, I often considered how many patients may have had undiagnosed ARFID.

“Nothing about gender identity is fixed,” Ohlert writes. “Its development is often a fluid process, changing throughout a lifetime.

Weight and masculinity

It made me hate being a boy. Not because I didn’t want to be one, but because the world around me was letting me know I was doing a bad job at trying.

I feel like the non-binary gaze is so different. It is fluid and it understands. I hope that people feel not alone with my work.

The countdown is on to the official launch of PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022 and to Archer’s panel on queer aesthetics and self expression!

Today, self-love has become too closely aligned with – even indistinguishable from modernist capitalist culture. It has turned self-empowerment into something with a price tag.

Dave Swindells has been photographing London’s nightlife since the early 1980s, showcasing the brilliant diversity of the club scene and its larger-than-life cast of characters.

My facial hair, body weight, loud voice, or my instinct to fight do not define my gender. I am not just a gender. 

To my knowledge there has never been another drag queen to compete in a bodybuilding competition while in drag.

The way I moved my body was the one thing I could control in a world that confused and bewildered me constantly.

Art psychotherapy offers us the opportunity to amplify the voices of our bodies, through which we experience our queerness and our erotic.

Here’s a top 10 list of our editors’ picks for 2021, celebrating some of the incredible articles written by our contributors.

As we celebrate our newly launched DISABILITIES issue, we’re also taking the opportunity to look back on all of the brilliant pieces we’ve published this year. This was my first year as Archer Magazine’s Deputy Online Editor. As a long-time Archer volunteer and hanger-arounder of founder Amy Middleton, I was absolutely thrilled to come aboard. …

SJ Norman is a writer, artist, and curator who works across performance, installation, text, sculpture, video, and sound. He has won numerous art awards, including a Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship and an Australia Council Fellowship, and was the inaugural winner of the KYD Unpublished Manuscript Award.  SJ spoke to Yves Rees about his debut book, …

We are excited to announce the next print issue of Archer Magazine – the DISABILITIES issue.

  Never anything other than summer   I didn’t get into trouble much at school. In truth, I can recall only a few occasions when my actions were brought into question. Maybe there were more. Maybe they just don’t burn as hot as the time I planted my nine-year-old lips on another boy’s nine-year-old cheek. …

Joanne Leah is a German-born artist based in Brooklyn NYC. Her photographic works combine sexually charged images of colourful surrealism rife with Jungian symbology. She draws inspiration from her childhood memories and how they have affected her adulthood to depict humankind’s repetitious relationship with our bodies, and our continual want to escape. For Archer Magazine …

Pomosexuality: Finding a term that fits

In early June, I was preparing myself for the rainbow marketing and pink washing that comes with the celebration of Pride Month each year.  During this month, brands and organisations often come up with new logos and various types of rainbow branding. They host talks, plan shows, and make a sudden effort to ensure conversations …

The first time I met someone – other than a relative – that I knew was also intersex, it was over twenty years ago. We met quietly at a crusty pub near Roma Street station in Brisbane. We spent the afternoon sharing our experiences; revealing to one another our chromosomal patterns, family histories and hormone replacement regimes. …

I was deep into Melbourne’s second lockdown, writing an article on COVID’s impact on queer nightlife, when my editor showed me queeringthemap. The interactive tool allows users to geographically map queer memories and landmarks, recording “the cartography of queer life”. Sifting through notes pinned against Melbourne’s most recognisable fixtures was beautiful and haunting; a showcase …

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