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Welcome to Archer Magazine #11: the GAZE issue. (Let’s be clear: That’s ‘GAZE’, not ‘GAYS’.)

I spend the most time with myself, running my fingers over my stomach and agonising over the parts that are soft. I guess all queer and trans people feel the way I feel at some point, because our bodies become associated with a very specific type of failure. In Vito Russo’s The Celluloid Closet, he …

My sense of beauty remains hazy, haunted by the spectre of revolutionary China: a world I know intimately and yet not at all.

I have not known miscarriage or baby loss. But this image, of a mother waking up to exile from her child, her entire body flung, is deeply familiar and deeply consoling.

Join us for a night of innuendo, prizes, power ballads, queer icons, cheap drinks, bingo numbers, and community togetherness.

If you are an Aboriginal child whose parents have been criminalised, police officers see you as a criminal, too.

‘Trophy Boys’ is a camp extravaganza starring femme and non-binary folks in drag as the awful private school boys of your dreams/nightmares.

I write like all the sex I’ve had is happening now. This is the anatomy of a trans sex scene: ‘now’ is never just now.

For this month’s Queer Fashion Files, we’re featuring Sulaiman “Sully” Enayatzada’s photography.

Coming out as disabled

I’m repeatedly coming out as disabled so those around me know why I’m behaving a little differently, or why I’m not helping with the chairs.

If I don’t avoid everything French, it feels like I’m endorsing the country that causes my communities so much misery.

‘Foreground’ is a celebration of older trans and gender diverse people, who severely lack representation in the media.

“‘Potty Mouth, Potty Mouth’ unpacks what it is to be a ratbag by nature, to be a little grot, to live in a failing way.” Alex Creece chats with Rae White.

For this month’s Queer Fashion Files, we’re featuring Lexi Laphor’s fashion photography.

In rural places, safe spaces for queer people look different to those located in metropolitan areas.

It’s like we are refugees in our own country, on our own land. Hunted by coppers and racists alike, we remember how our ancestors must have felt as we live through it.

Archer Magazine #20: the RESISTANCE issue out 2024. Queer experience cannot be watered down into a single concept, but one thread that connects us all is resistance.

‘Overflow’ is a hilarious and devastating tour of women’s bathrooms, who is allowed in and who is kept out.

“The status of trash, the way it inhabits the alley, the gutter or the margins of society, is a site of interest for me.” Paul Yore chats with Alex Creece.

Very often, I find that as Black people, we are not allowed to outwardly express our anger and pain. It is an implosive reaction. We keep it to ourselves.

When I read queer literature, I can connect to a community that, until now, has felt inaccessible.

My disability and my queerness are both invisible to the naked eye, too murky to be easily defined – so I remain in the grey areas.

Queer fashion round-up of 2023

The Queer Fashion Files aim to spotlight queer designers, artists and style icons. Let’s look back on the queer fashion and artistry of 2023!

With little energy but plenty of desire during cancer treatment, this author found sex had to be left to the professionals.

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