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“There’s nothing empowering about one part of you being visible when the rest of you is targeted, shamed and threatened.” — Jacob Thomas, Archer Magazine #11 Welcome to Archer Magazine #11: the GAZE issue. (Let’s be clear: That’s ‘GAZE’, not ‘GAYS’.) “Aboriginal women are constantly battling – whether, one day, a minor skirmish, or another day, …

I spend the most time with myself, running my fingers over my stomach and agonising over the parts that are soft. I guess all queer and trans people feel the way I feel at some point, because our bodies become associated with a very specific type of failure. In Vito Russo’s The Celluloid Closet, he …

Queerplatonic relationships offer a framework for bending the rules of traditional heteronormative and amatonormative relationships.

I don’t need labels to remind me of that, or to tell others who I am. Don’t stick one on me. It will slide right off.

I imagined the spirit of a motel in that area at that time – something a little bit unsanitary, poorly lit and certainly not very expensive.

I quickly begin to desperately miss my body hair, now seeing it for its truth –  it has been my armour. It has shaped and corseted my frame.

It became apparent why the way women’s sport is participated in and played resonates so deeply with me: it is so critically important.

We are excited to announce Archer Magazine issue #17: the HOME issue!

I follow a very systematic process for creating my work. The story of Camo all begins with the fabric.

I thought I was going to repair the picket fence, but it turns out I was repairing myself.

These friendships help tether generations of queers, providing a useful buoy to humanise each other against a broader hetero-stained society.

Gender Euphoria didn’t just connect us with the audience – it allowed people to connect to their own self.

This envy is often what I feel for people who possess a kind of a queer competence and sophistication that I feel I do not.

It’s a visual example of how old and new can bond together to create something cohesive and beautiful in even the most challenging circumstances.

The first time I discovered period sex, it was impromptu and with someone I loved. I was really aroused by the idea of it.

In imposing an intimate partnership on a casual friendship with benefits, we both found something truly intimate.

Welcome to our fashion-editorial rebellion: one without designer labels or advertisers, turning the spotlight instead on drag queens in head-to-toe self-styled looks that will make your jaw drop.

As I sat in the hospital courtyard, I often considered how many patients may have had undiagnosed ARFID.

I always came back to porn. I started to repress any frightened part of my brain in order to keep up with Pornhub. I was completely desensitised.

In 1990, after divorcing my dad, my mum moved to Brunswick aged 30. Here, she encountered feminist politics and lesbian activism.

Queer spaces are necessary globally, not just in Tasmania. Loud, proud, beautiful queer spaces.

“Nothing about gender identity is fixed,” Ohlert writes. “Its development is often a fluid process, changing throughout a lifetime.

Weight and masculinity

It made me hate being a boy. Not because I didn’t want to be one, but because the world around me was letting me know I was doing a bad job at trying.

I decided to write this article – a beginner’s guide to hooking up with trans people – in the hope that it can help others like my friend Sam, and hopefully lead to more hot, trans-inclusive sex for everyone. 

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