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Founding editor of Archer Magazine. On Twitter as @Moodleton

For this month’s queer fashion files, we’re featuring Jacinta Oaten’s queer event and wedding photography.

Join us as we launch our PLEASURE issue and bring you the 10th birthday party you could never have as a kid!

Archer celebrates its 10th birthday with the PLEASURE issue. In true Archer fashion, it’s not what you’d expect…

In 1990s Tasmania, identifying as a queer teen felt analogous to asking for a vegetarian option at a restaurant and being told that I could order fish.

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I better watch and review something scary. So naturally, I thought of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Retelling is a means of refracting the white beam of light we’ve been given by the fairy tale canon, and revealing the rainbow within.

The Voice referendum was about our humanity, but without our voices. It’s time for treaty and truth-telling. It’s time to end Black deaths in custody.

Mo’Ju has amassed critical, commercial and cultural influence. Their latest album Oro, Plata, Mata was released in March 2023.

There’s no guidebook for parenting, much less queer or feminist parenting, but I’m proud to belong to a generation that is muddling through.

For this month’s queer fashion files, we’re featuring Jimmy D, a New Zealand label by James Dobson.

The Matildas were unofficially named the gayest team of the 32 teams who participated in the WWC: 13 of the 23-player squad are openly queer.

I’ve found myself in a constant state of limbo, occupying that peculiar grey area of being a mixed-race person in the current divisive racial climate.

I grew up as two things: a closeted queer and a closeted Justin Bieber fan. Just like any other girl in my year seven English class, I was writing ‘JB’ over and over again in my notebooks with big love hearts.  I couldn’t care less if Justin Bieber had a girlfriend, or if the paparazzi …

Yen-Rong Wong talks about her new book, Me, Her, Us, exploring race, sex, pleasure, kink, familial expectation and identity.

In this room and on this bed, Leonardo da Vinci lay with Salai and Francesco Melzi. In the dining room, they ate together and told stories.

For this month’s queer fashion files, we’re featuring The Huxleys and their art exhibition, ‘Bloodlines’.

Sex education in Nigerian households

By improving sex education in Nigeria and destigmatising sex as a shameful act, sex may be enjoyed safely, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Queer platonic intimacy is thus the haunting spectre of a love that does nothing but simply exist. Our love for one another doesn’t do the work for capitalism.

Every treatment option for PCOS is designed to maintain my body as one fit for carrying a child, even if that’s not possible or desired.

For this month’s queer fashion files, we’re featuring up-and-coming Naarm-based label Spitsubishi.

The comedy of abortion

I once entertained the idea of posting a selfie online, three hours into my abortion, revealing me swathed in my own sweat.

I took refuge in the archives of lesbian literature, which felt like the only way I could connect to my community and their history.

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