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I recently moved into my new physical home and my new spiritual one. This new home is one of acceptance – not only from others, but of myself.

The Batik Series: Q&A with Daniel Adams

The way the Batik is tied onto each individual is rooted in tradition, like what you may see in the villages of Malaysia.

I had ideas that liberation was possible, but I never felt truly comfortable with my body until I started taking pictures of other fat bodies.

We are excited to announce Archer Magazine issue #17: the HOME issue!

These friendships help tether generations of queers, providing a useful buoy to humanise each other against a broader hetero-stained society.

Gender Euphoria didn’t just connect us with the audience – it allowed people to connect to their own self.

It’s a visual example of how old and new can bond together to create something cohesive and beautiful in even the most challenging circumstances.

In imposing an intimate partnership on a casual friendship with benefits, we both found something truly intimate.

Welcome to our fashion-editorial rebellion: one without designer labels or advertisers, turning the spotlight instead on drag queens in head-to-toe self-styled looks that will make your jaw drop.

“Nothing about gender identity is fixed,” Ohlert writes. “Its development is often a fluid process, changing throughout a lifetime.

I feel like the non-binary gaze is so different. It is fluid and it understands. I hope that people feel not alone with my work.

An array of sexual orientations and gender identities exist in traditional Navajo culture, including a third gender known as nádleeh. This non-binary concept of gender existed in many indigenous cultures across the United States.

There’s no immediate salve for the lingering loneliness, the hard-earned loneliness, the ping-ponging loneliness that’s always served back.

Dave Swindells has been photographing London’s nightlife since the early 1980s, showcasing the brilliant diversity of the club scene and its larger-than-life cast of characters.

People don’t talk about miscarriage. Despite one in five pregnancies ending in miscarriage, we’d never seen anybody mourn one.

Asexuality normalises the breadth and depth of sexual and romantic possibility, acknowledging the ways that desire is complex and individual.

Sex is a big part of non-monogamy, sure, but it’s not the only part. Connection can be so much more than physical.

We are excited to announce the next print issue of Archer Magazine – the DISABILITIES issue.

Joanne Leah is a German-born artist based in Brooklyn NYC. Her photographic works combine sexually charged images of colourful surrealism rife with Jungian symbology. She draws inspiration from her childhood memories and how they have affected her adulthood to depict humankind’s repetitious relationship with our bodies, and our continual want to escape. For Archer Magazine …

Have you ever seen a bird fly into a window? They don’t try to slow down or brace for impact, because as far as the bird is concerned, there’s nothing there – until there is.  My window, my invisible wall, is a grimace of annoyance, an exasperated sigh, an awkward silence after I speak.  A …

Porn as sex education

I don’t remember how I found queer porn. Maybe an ex told me about it? I do, however, remember the first time I watched it. I’ve never gone back to the specific scene, but I remember the gloves, the sweat, and how it made me feel: hot and bothered, sure, but also like I was …

Taz Clay, a 22-year-old Kalkadoon and Bwgcolman brotherboy, has made waves by using his lived experience of homelessness and queerness to advocate for better living conditions of those navigating LGBT+ healthcare, out-of-home care and alcohol and other drugs support over the last five years. An unrelenting activist for sistergirl and brotherboy suicide prevention and child …

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