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Archer Magazine is an award-winning print publication about sexuality, gender and identity. It is published twice-yearly in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on lesser-heard voices and the uniqueness of our experiences.

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Archer editor Amy Middleton

Amy Middleton | Publisher

Amy is a Melbourne-based journalist and founding editor of Archer Magazine. Amy has written and edited for Australian Geographic, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Daily Life, The Big Issue, The Bulletin, Junkee, Meanjin, The Lifted Brow and more. In her spare time, she plays AFL footy and collects interesting editions of Alice in Wonderland.

Alexis Desaulniers-Lea | Image curator

Alexis Desaulniers-Lea is a Melbourne-based photographer originally from Canada. Her clients have included the Rainbow Serpent Festival, Suicide Girls USA, RAW Artists Showcase International, and The Melbourne Cabaret Festival. Alexis’ images have featured in Beat, The Music, Freque Magazine and Archer. Alexis enjoys travelling, live music, burlesque, film and playing the piano.

Lucy Watson | Online editor

Lucy is a Sydney based writer, editor, PhD student and DJ. She has worked for publications including Dandy, New Matilda, and Honi Soit, and DJs at Sydney events including Homosocial, Girlthing, and Birdcage. She is completing her PhD at the University of Sydney, where she managed to turn her obsession with Miley Cyrus into something moderately academic.

Bobuck Sayed | Deputy online editor

Bobuck Sayed is a queer performer, writer and director based out of Melbourne. They have just completed their Honours thesis on chaotic spaces in the post-colonial Indian novel. Their interests include soft textures and ventriloquism.

Fury | Online assistant

Fury is a writer and feminist; a dreamboat gentleman, a no-good do-gooder, a dilettante scoundrel, a sweet-talking sweetheart. When they are not crunching stats for Archer Magazine they pen odes and advocate for trans rights.

Lottie Turner Archer Magazine

Lottie Turner | Content advisor

Lottie Turner is a Melbourne-based human-rights advocate, agitating for a health sector that’s responsive to and inclusive of diversity. She has been told her keen sartorial eye is representative of someone who’s never passive about what she does in the world.

Dani Leever Archer Magazine

Dani Leever | PR + Media

Dani Leever is a Melbourne-based writer, film producer, PR maven, jewellery maker and unicorn. They have written for lip mag, VICE, Broadsheet and Blaire Magazine, and volunteered with SYN Radio and Cherchez La Femme. When they aren't juggling three hundred jobs and four thousand internships, they listen to vinyl records and try to find a way to communicate with their cat, Alfie.

Marika Fengler, Archer Magazine

Marika Fengler | PR + Media

Marika Fengler is a PR professional with a passion for social justice and bringing important issues into the public domain. Marika currently works for a homelessness organisation, runs an unusual pet portrait business called 'We Are Family' with her husband, and volunteers as an English tutor for refugees and migrants. She has a sausage dog and bulldog, and enjoys local wrestling.

Hayley Moroney, Archer Magazine

Hayley Moroney | Image Assistant

Hayley is a Melbourne-based photographer and stylist who loves to shoot on film and volunteer at op-shops to support her vintage addiction. Her sights are set on New York, where she hopes to move her ridiculous jacket collection with her, and pursue her dreams of dressing everyone in her life.

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